Create custom practice sets
Adaptive technology assists with targeting
areas of need
Capture data from all practice
Automarking provides immediate feedback
Evaluate students’ understanding at
many levels and easily extract actionable
Students can
Independently customise practice
Employ smart study habits to maximise
learning efficiency
Teachers can
Adapt tests to address students’ areas for
Immediately take action on insights

Students can practise curriculum-aligned and tailored questions


EduPlus Checkpoints

Pre-established practice sets aligned to the curriculum

Personalised Practice Sets

Practice that is personalised to individual needs

Teacher-assigned Practice

Create using the EduPlus question bank, with a variety of filters to enhance customisability

Gain actionable insights from our summary reports

Performance Analysis

Performance and engagement summary of insights

ZPD Analysis

Question level performance and insights

Student Growth

Improvement and growth between time periods

Students can independently customise their practise, and increase efficiency through smart study habits

Strength Weakness

Generate practice targeted at their strength and weakness areas with customised difficulty levels

Wrongly Answered questions

Easily extract wrongly-answered questions across all practice and subtopics

Starred Questions

Save practice questions to form their individual categorised bank of questions for revision

If you’re a teacher, let us step you through it in this 1 minute video!